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Top Places to Visit in Kolkata

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Top Places to Visit in Kolkata. Kolkata is home to lively festivals, a thriving artistic community, vibrant street markets and one of the best culinary culture in India.

Lechon, Sinulog Festival, and 4 Other Unique Delights That Define Cebu, Philippines

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Cebu, Philippines is a top tourist destination because of its lechon, danggit, guitars, exquisite islands, and the Sinulog Festival. Know more about these unique delights that define this destination.

North American National Park #35: Glacier, British Columbia

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North American National Park #35: Glacier, British Columbia

The name of this park can be confusing as there is a Glacier National Park in Montana as well as a Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska.

Glacier is a Rocky Mountain national park which is not part of the core group centered around the Continental Divide. (Yoho, Kootenay, Banff, and Jasper). It is approximately one hour west of Yoho and is near the town of Revelstoke.

It is also very close to Mount Revelstoke National Park. They are so close together that they should almost be considered two sections of the same park. If you visit Glacier, you might as well also visit Mount Revelstoke as they are so close together.

Like Yoho, the TransCanada Highway goes through the park and all of the stops in the park are located on this highway. There aren’t actually many places to stop in Glacier. Hemlock Grove and the Rockgarden Trail are the two best stops in the park, and there aren’t actually many more than these. If you want to explore the park beyond the highway you will have to hike or ski in the backcountry.

Paris: 6 breakfast pastries to try that aren’t croissants

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We all hear about the croissant and its rich little brother the pain au chocolat, but these are not the only breakfast items available at the bakery. Parisians aren’t about to dive into an éclair or creamy millefeuille for breakfast, but they do have other options.

Skip breakfast in the hotel to save a few euros and splurge at some freshly baked carbohydrates instead. Paired with a coffee at a local café (be discreet) or even takeaway while seated in a park (it’s possible), any of these pastries will be a welcomed change from the perfectly delicious but potentially mundane croissant.

Plus, they’re very cheap ranging from €1.80-3 each.

1. Pain au lait (with chocolate!)

If you want something less buttery but just as satisfying, go for one of these little loaves. Baked with a bit of milk and butter, this take on the brioche is best with chocolate chips scattered through it. It’s like a breakfast baguette, perfect for dipping in coffee.

It’s hard to beat a fresh apple turnover. Photo: Alexandre D

2. Chausson aux pommes

It’s like a croissant but with apple sauce inside. In the US it is known as the apple turnover. You still get the buttery goodness of other pastries but the sweet apple filling makes it feel downright healthy. Look for these alongside the croissants. It counts (probably) as one of your daily fruit requirements.

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3. Escargot

No, not snails, though these pin-wheel shaped pastries do owe their name to the one of France’s other culinary treasures. These flaky pastries can be rolled up and filled with most anything, from pink pralines or cinnamon to raisins or—my favorite—chocolate and pistachio. Every bakery that sells them will do them differently, so have fun trying them all.

4. Pain Suisse (or “drops”)

It’s that thing that doesn’t seem like it belongs with the other pastries. Oblong and with gooey yellow pastry cream oozing out of it, I might never have ordered one if it wasn’t studded with bits of chocolate. But I’m glad I did. The brioche holds up well to all of that cream, but it’s definitely not for those who like a light breakfast.

An almond croissant is a decadent way to start the morning. Photo: Robyn Lee

5. Almond croissant

Imagine a croissant filled with almond paste and topped with slivered almonds. Or take a regular croissant from yesterday’s batch and fill it with almond paste and coat it in a sweet syrup before baking it again, giving it a new life. Either way, you get yourself an almond croissant. The reused ones are my favorite, heavy with a frangipane (almond flavored filling) layer.

6. Mouna

This one’s not French technically, but has roots in Algeria. Still, the sweetened bread topped with pearl sugar is an easy fix for someone who wants to keep it simple. Often sold in little domed buns but also in loaf form, the pastry is popular around Easter but can be found all yearlong in Paris.

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Favorite Honeymoon Destinations

Travel Articles - Mon, 09/01/2014 - 04:02
Some of the world's top honeymoon destinations include Kenya, California, India, Venice, Paris and Thailand.

Strange stays: Bunkers, barracks and jails

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From converted bunkers to former jailhouses, we uncover the world's oddest holiday homes. The post Strange stays: Bunkers, barracks and jails appeared first on HomeAway Blog | Travel Blog.

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Places to Visit in the Udaipur

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The princely state of Rajasthan has always been a famous tourist destination all across the globe and all its cities have contributed for making it everyone's favourite.

The best way to enjoy the wildlife attraction in India!

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India is a country where one must never make compromise in the case of having tour packages for these leading destinations where one would find solace and happiness.

Merge with the Divine Beauty of Croatia for Your Holidays

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Croatia is a great place to visit for your dream holidays. Check here for some exciting things which you can do here. Also know about the beauty of this place.

Explore the Enchanting Natural Landscape in Xuancheng

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Chang Su and Zhe Chang are in the east, Jiu Hua Mountain west and the Yangtze River north. Xuancheng is the gateway to the south-east Anhui.

Nepal Wildlife Safari With Marron Treks

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For people who wish to experience nature at its best, Nepal would be the most ideal place to visit. Nepal is a country of exceptional biodiversity and a beautiful natural environment. The tropical jungles of the Terai preserve some of the best wildlife habitat in the subcontinent. The mountainous country also shelters some of the world's most rare animals.

Celebrating the Demoche Festival during a Bhutan Holiday

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The dzong architecture is predominant here and most of the temples and monasteries are constructed in this style. One such structure is located in the Punakha district and Bhutan vacation packages including visits to it can be chosen by travellers.

North American National Park #34: Kootenay, British Columbia

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North American National Park #34: Kootenay, British Columbia

Kootenay is adjacent to two other national parks: Banff (which borders to the east) and Yoho (which borders to the north). It is also a component of the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks UNESCO World Heritage Site.

As with Yoho, there is one primary highway which runs through the park, and everything you’d want to see is accessible from that road. It is larger than Yoho and as such there is more to see. The most notable attraction in the park are the Radium Hot Springs, from which the nearby town of Radium gets its name. Other stops worth taking some time to visit include Marble Canyon (shown above), Kootenay Valley Viewpoint, Numa Falls, and the Paint Pots.

Like Yoho, Kootenay can be visited on a day trip if you are in Banff as most of the attractions are located along Highway 93. If you wish to stay near the park, the closest town would be Radium, BC which is located right at the southern border of the park.

Grand Canyon National Park Rafting - 6 Tips for Better Float Tours

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Inside are 6 tips about Grand Canyon rafting tours that will make these 1-day adventures even more exciting. To learn more, please bookmark or read this important article.

North American National Park #33: Yoho, British Columbia

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North American National Park #33: Yoho, British Columbia

Yoho is just over the border from Banff National Park and borders Kootenay National Park on the south. It is part of the Canadian Rocky Mountain National Parks UNESCO World Heritage Site.

I’ve always wondered why the 4 adjoining national parks in the Canadian Rockies weren’t just one big park, or at least 2 parks with one in each province. It is all basically the same area in the same mountain range, the only difference being that 2 are in Alberta and 2 are in British Columbia.

Yoho is the smallest of the four adjoining parks in the Rocky Mountains and everything you can explore in the park without backcountry hiking is located off of TransCanada Highway 1 which goes through the park.

In my opinion, the two highlights of the park are Emerald Lake and Takakkaw Falls (shown above) which is one of the tallest waterfalls in Canada.

If you are staying in Banff, it is very easy to visit Yoho on a day trip. The highway running through the park is just north of Lake Louise. It is actually easier to access Yoho from Lake Louise than it is from the town of Golden, BC on the other side of the park.

Many people visiting the Canadian Rockies actually forget about Yoho and Kootenay, even though they are adjoining, and just focus on Banff and Jasper. It is worth taking a day to see Yoho as part of any trip to the region.

Enjoy Grand Indochina Tour from Vietnam to Cambodia

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Grand Indochina Tour from Vietnam to Cambodia and Laos takes place in 30 days giving tourists chances to witness and explore the beauty of Indochina regions in deep level; so start the impressive trip soon!

Become Gourmet With Hanoi Culinary Tour

Travel and Leisure - Sat, 08/30/2014 - 18:00
Become gourmets with Hanoi Culinary Tour to enjoy the Capital's traditional cuisine, tastes, cooking classess...and see the North's spirit incorporated into the trip. Explore more highlights of the trip now!

Halong Bay Honeymoon Tour - Hot Trend On Earth

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All honeymooners love to tour to Halong Bay and invest their honeymoon holiday into the destination thanks to its exclusive landscapes, milestone mountain, blue water, etc. Explore more with active clicks now!

Mekong River Cruises From Vietnam To Cambodia

Travel and Leisure - Sat, 08/30/2014 - 18:00
Top Mekong River Cruises from Vietnam to Cambodia are known as Jahan Cruise, Jayavarman, Pandaw Cruise, and Toum Tiou I Cruise that are all standard. Read on to find more unique info!