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The Benefits of Eco-Tourism and Sustainable Travel

Travel Tips and Destinations - Sat, 01/24/2015 - 08:52
There are many reasons why an individual might be thinking about taking an ecologically friendly and sustainable holiday and many reasons why these sorts of holidays are a good idea. While some say we should not be travelling abroad at all, around the world, more and more people are cottoning on to the benefits of travelling in an ethically sensitive way and seeing some of the best that the natural world has to offer. Here are some of the many pros of eco-tourism: Learning from the Landscape - By taking a holiday that has its...

The Wonderful Necessity of Getting Lost Once in a While

Travel Tips and Destinations - Sat, 01/24/2015 - 08:22
This may seem like an unlikely paean, but there are many reasons why it is good for you to get lost in an unfamiliar place every now and then. In fact, as a travel writer and frequent traveller, I would go so far as to say that it is indeed a wonderful necessity. Here is a song of praise for getting lost as you travel the many varied and beautiful places in this big wide world of ours: Losing yourself often means finding something unexpected: It is easy to collapse into a way of...

The Victorian Village of Ferndale

Travel Tips and Destinations - Sat, 01/24/2015 - 07:52
Nestled in the fertile farmlands of the California North Coast, surrounded by forests of towering Coast Redwoods and far from the tourists of any major California attraction, is the quaint little town of Ferndale. First settled in the mid 1800's, Ferndale has a large collection of Victorian storefronts and homes which earned the entire town a California Historical Landmark #883 and the nickname, 'Victorian Village of Ferndale'. Ferndale is one of those few vacation destinations that can easily instill rejuvenation. The relaxing nature of Ferndale will surely have you planning another visit.

Abandoned Motel Sign Along Route 66, California

Everything Everywhere via rss - Fri, 01/23/2015 - 17:57

Abandoned Motel Sign Along Route 66, California

Friday Postcard: Back to Europe?

Twenty-Something Travel via rss - Fri, 01/23/2015 - 10:12

Today’s postcard, of the magnificent castle that looms over Lake Bled, was taken by me, during my 2008 backpacking trip around the Balkans.

I’ve been thinking about Europe a lot lately as Mike and I brainstorm our 2015 travels. With the favorable exchange rate and lots of opportunities coming our way, it looks like we will be headed back to the continent this spring. But where? Spain? Scotland? Greece? Poland? Portugal? Lots of possibilities being thrown around right now….

If you had two to four weeks to kill in Europe, where would YOU go?

Friday Postcard: Back to Europe? is a post from Twenty-Something Travel

How to enjoy vacations in private villa rentals in Spain?

Travel Articles - Fri, 01/23/2015 - 01:58
There is an extensive variety of choice of manors in Spain. Individuals who visit Spain for spending occasions have numerous alternatives to browse. Private Villa rentals in Spain offer a wide mixture of pleasantries to the occasion producers. In a private estate, you can appreciate the offices, for example, a private swimming pool, separate carport, stewards, servants and gourmet experts.

Get married in Dubai in a luxurious way

Travel Articles - Fri, 01/23/2015 - 00:47
While the city is known all over the world for its sandy beaches, impressive skyline, luxury hotels and mega malls, Dubai also caters to visitors who want to leave as a newly married couple.

What to Do when you book Kovalam Beach Tour package?

Travel Articles - Thu, 01/22/2015 - 23:24
If a soothing beach holiday is on your list then Kovalam is your destination. This beautiful beach is situated 13km away from Trivandrum.

Why Calonge is an ideal place to stay during holidays?

Travel Articles - Thu, 01/22/2015 - 22:05
Calonge is a residential area and it is a well known occasion goal in Spain. This town is under the organization of Catalonia group. It is found in a rough range and over the delightful Mediterranean Sea. There are a few places in the town that are justified even despite going to for the vacationers. The congregation of Saint Daniel is a memorable church that is accepted to be manufactured by Romans. There is an old gallery which is additionally a place of a few fine arts and ancient rarities.

Don't miss Traditional Beijing Hot Pot for Beijing tour

Travel Articles - Thu, 01/22/2015 - 18:52
For the local Beijing people winter is the best season to "shuàn guō zi", which means to eat hot pot.

Man Sailing a Makeshift Boat off the Coast of Sao Tome

Everything Everywhere via rss - Thu, 01/22/2015 - 17:40

Man Sailing a Makeshift Boat off the Coast of Sao Tome

Best 5 Tips for Discount Grand Canyon Airplane Tours

Travel and Leisure - Thu, 01/22/2015 - 17:00
In 2015, make it a goal to take a Grand Canyon flight tour. Take off from Las Vegas, NV, or South Rim, AZ. Read these 5 tips and save on ticket prices.

Love in Latvia

Travel Tips and Destinations - Thu, 01/22/2015 - 08:29
For a romantic winter break, we decided to head for romantic Riga, that city on the Baltic Sea which is slowly but surely gaining a reputation for itself as an excellent destination for a short break in Europe with a bit of a difference. Latvia is a country of unspoiled natural beauty and well-preserved historical sites, perfect, we found, for a couple in love. We arrived in Riga and settled into our quiet, cosy hotel.

Five Interesting Things to Do in Skiathos for Greek Culture Lovers

Travel Tips and Destinations - Thu, 01/22/2015 - 07:50
You are on holiday in Skiathos with your best friends and after a few days of beach parties, cocktails and Greek food, you feel your brain is getting a bit confused. Time to get on your feet and discover some other aspects of the island! Here are some clues for you.

Five of Kay’s Most Embarrassing Travel Moments

Twenty-Something Travel via rss - Thu, 01/22/2015 - 07:05

When I get embarrassed, my eyes widen and my heart begins to pound, that sinking feeling of “oh crap, what have I done?” clouding my brain. My hands get clammy and I get slight goose bumps. I stutter when I speak. I feel the extremes of angry, sad, irritated, amused, mortified and confused all at the same time.

And then what do I do? I laugh. Hysterically and uncontrollably.

I think my emotional response mechanisms get a little confused and bring laughter because they don’t know any better. Or maybe I just begin to realize that these things happen and that we should all learn to enjoy our own embarrassment once in a while.

During frequent or long-term travel, your trips start to mirror your normal life – embarrassing moments and all – and the following stories are no exception.

1) An Inconvenient Allergy Attack

When I was heading home after my very first solo trip in England, I had the wild fortune (or in this case, misfortune) of sitting next to a British male model. I didn’t actually know he was a model when I first saw him, but he had strong cheekbones and intense eyes. To be polite, I said hello and we casually got to striking up a conversation.

Everything was really great until I realized I’d been taking medication for an allergic reaction I’d had the day before and it was starting to make me sleepy. Oh, but this conversation was just getting good! Rats. I began slightly dozing off between sentences, fighting with all my might to keep my eyes open and engage with this beautiful man.

Finally, I think he noticed that I was really struggling, remarking that I “looked tired.” I stammered that I was taking Benadryl for an allergy and that I was dying to sleep. He chuckled again while taking something out of his bag and, in that break of speech, I promptly fell asleep.

2) Forgetting Something?

I was on my way to the airport and everything was perfect – it was a long weekend at school and I was about to pay a much-needed visit to my family. My awesome boyfriend offered to drive me to the airport, and I’d meticulously packed as lightly as possible.

Except, when we were 40 minutes into our drive to the airport, I realized my driver’s license was missing. Not too big of a problem, except I couldn’t get on the plane without it. The funniest part? I’d done this before. Twice.

I eventually made it onto a flight home, after missing the first one while retrieving my ID, and now this is the laughing stock of the many friends who have put up with this exact same situation in the past.

3) Smells Like…

My aunt was so sweet. She told me that it would be delicious. She told me to brave the smell in favor of the irreplaceable, amazing taste. I’d heard it all before – durian is the fruit that tastes like heaven but smells like hell.

So, of course, I decided I needed to see for myself what this mysterious tropical fruit actually tastes like. I took a bite. I gagged. It tasted like something in between rotten eggs and sulfur mixed with sugarcane. It was disgusting.

But, instead of turning more down, like a good child I continued to eat what was offered to me. Every last hideous bite. I think my aunt finally got the picture when I couldn’t hold back my visible gagging and eventually went elsewhere to spit it all out.

4) The Wheel-less Suitcase

What was I thinking when I took a wheeled suitcase to Guatemala with me? To be fair, I was headed afterward to a wedding so the suitcase was really meant for that occasion, and not so much for the rural, cobblestoned and dirt paths in Guatemala. Nonetheless, my wheel didn’t fail to completely fall off of the suitcase while there.

So, when we moved from place, I had to drag my threadbare suitcase around while looking like a cross between a complete fool and an idiot tourist. Great.

Let me tell you, lugging a suitcase without a wheel around definitely taught me the value of a non-wheeled backpack. Now that’s all I ever use.

5) Lurking in the Shadows

Nothing is more innocent than taking a shower. That’s why I felt extremely betrayed by mother nature when I took a post-beach shower at my grandmother’s house in the Philippines when a pesky friend decided to join me. He looked like this:

He had been hiding in the curtains for some time and decided to scare me just as I was reaching for my shampoo bottle. He was about the size of my palm. Screaming, hysteria, and sprinting out of the bathroom ensued. And, of course, I ran into my grandma’s garden helper on the way out. He entered the bathroom, picked up the spider with his bare hands, and tossed it out the window.

Luckily for me, I was still wearing my swimsuit from the beach.

Do you have any embarrassing travel moments? Leave a comment to share your story.

Five of Kay’s Most Embarrassing Travel Moments is a post from Twenty-Something Travel

Exploring Reykjavik on Northern Lights Trips to Iceland

Travel Tips and Destinations - Thu, 01/22/2015 - 06:09
On a trip to see the Northern Lights, Iceland opens it doors to offer much more to discover. Here are three top attractions.

When to Visit the Maldives

Travel Tips and Destinations - Thu, 01/22/2015 - 06:08
One of the best aspects of travelling to the beautiful islands of the Maldives is that the weather is fantastic all year round. With that being said, there are certain times of the year that it's best to travel to this enchanting destination. The following will provide tips on the specific months and seasons where it's best to travel to the Maldives and why.

Aurora Borealis Hunting - Top Tips for the Best Sightings

Travel Tips and Destinations - Thu, 01/22/2015 - 06:07
Want to make the most of your Aurora Borealis hunting trip? Take heed of the following tips and you are off to a good start.

Honeymoon in the Maldives: What To Do, Where To Go

Travel Tips and Destinations - Thu, 01/22/2015 - 06:06
If you have chosen the exotic Maldives for your honeymoon destination, you won't be sorry. With their white sandy beaches and exquisite foods, it will be love at first sight. Finding activities and memorable locales will be easy. The one thing that will be hard to find is the desire to leave.

The Ultimate Arctic Experience - Aurora Borealis Hunting

Travel Tips and Destinations - Thu, 01/22/2015 - 06:06
Aurora Borealis hunting is the trip of a lifetime. Before you head off, find out a little more about this fascinating phenomenon.